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Is French Cuisine For Me?


Aug 1, 2021

Have you ever asked yourself, is French cuisine forever different? I always assumed that when I ate food from various countries, it was just the way each country cooked their food. But I have traveled to over 20 countries now and every single one has a different way of preparing their foods. Even within a country there are slight differences. So I have to ask, “Is French cuisine forever changed?”

One thing that you can be sure of when asking is French cuisine will never change. The basic style and techniques are the same and have been for hundreds of years. The real question then becomes, where do we find these techniques? It seems that it must be with some of the more rural areas of France. The people who live in these areas tend to use local ingredients instead of the expensive French ingredients like butter and cream.

Although this is the case, the techniques are basically the same. You can also expect the same presentation of ingredients, whether you are eating in Paris or Rouen. In both places the ingredients are presented in their most natural state. They are not over processed or changed in any way. So what is this difference and how can you tell the difference between the two styles?

The difference is really quite simple. French ingredients tend to be much higher in fat and have a higher density. This means that the food is more delicate and there is a greater possibility for the food to break down. Whereas, in most other countries this doesn’t happen. It is usually the lower class ingredients that are prepared the most quickly and that are not as nutritious.

Is French cuisine forever unique because of these differences? It is doubtful. It is a style that is being passed on from generation to generation and is always changing. But is does ensure that you can dine at certain restaurants and still enjoy great tasting food.

The best way to determine if something is going to be unique or will remain the same forever is to taste it. If something tastes good to you don’t let anyone convince you otherwise. Only you know what you like.

While the fundamentals are the same in many cases, there are some differences as well. There are certain regional differences as well. If the ingredients are from France and they haven’t been altered at all, then it should be considered authentic. However, if the ingredients have been made with as much care as possible, then you might consider it a creation of modern technology. Take a look at the ingredients and if the food looks different than it is.

You might also ask yourself, “Is French cuisine for me?” If you enjoy the food and the atmosphere then French cuisine may be perfect for you. Ask yourself if you like wine, foods that you know nothing about, and excellent service. If the answer to all those questions is yes, then French cuisine is definitely for you. If it isn’t then you may want to try something else.


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